Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the best neckline styles

What is defined as the best neckline? As a plus-sized woman, I have found that some necklines look better than others on me. In fact, some can make me look amazing, while others can make me look even bigger than I am. If you are like me and you find that some necklines don't work for you, the good news is that there is hope. Through trial and error from me and my wonderful curvalicious friends we have discovered   two necklines that always work when we are either buying or finding the right tops,blouses, shirts or dresses.
The following are my ideas of the best  necklines for plus-sized women.  Briefly I will describe how and why I have found that these necklines look amazing on each particular shape and not only do they give the illusion of an elongated  body, but they also draw attention away from the mid section which tends to be an issue for us curvalicious cuties when trying to find a particular style.  If you'd like to improve your look or you’re just trying to find a neckline  style, try these two styles the next time you go clothes shopping.
The first of the two is the v-neck.
V-neck for plus size women                           Peplum-trend dress            conservative V-neck                                                                                    This neckline  can be very flattering on a plus-size woman because it lengthens the neck  and draws the eye down to give the look of a slimmer appearance.The V- neckline is good for women with small and large bust size.The V- neckline can dissect large chests, but it can also create an interest for a medium to smaller bust. For example, pair up a plunging V neck with a single long necklace and some fabulous shoes and you have a chic look.  If your style is more conservative a basic V-neck is great choice and it is ideal for women with a heavy bust.
v-necks can be a wonderful option. You can find v-necks  that don't reveal cleavage, but still give that great look.The V-neckline with a width greater than the length will help you make your narrow shoulders appear wider. A deeper V-neckline will make your wide-shoulders look narrower. Then to finish off the look add a jacket and a long layered necklace if the top isn’t embellished with some kind of beading, along with a pair of heels will give you the classic chic look.

pink plungingjacket for pink plunging    

However, any neckline that shows overflowing cleavage is not flattering if you are aiming to look chic but daring. As with any lower necklines, there’s the risk of going too low and looking inappropriately sexy.

Lastly, there is the scoop neckline. There are a number of necklines that simply feel too tight on a plus-sized frame but this one isn't too close to the neck.If you’re not well endowed, scoop necklines are best at creating the illusion of curves This means it also creates an illusion of a larger bust size…

scoop neck layered

If you are heavier at  the top the scoop neckline   helps compliment the curves, by drawing attention upward and creating a proportioned silhouette..

scoop neck dress


These are my ideas of the two most flattering necklines on any shape. But If you choose to think outside the box and experiment with different necklines make sure you choose  a neckline style that flatters your shoulders, neck, and chest, and will give you the appearance and the confidence that  will make you feel and  look absolutely gorgeous as well as  create a slimming effect. Remember, the whole point to finding a flattering neckline is to find something you're not only comfortable in but something which also makes your neck appear longer. Also, If you don't want to show too much skin, start with a simple scoop neck over a v- neck, allowing yourself time to ease into the transition of showing off your neck area. Once you're comfortable with the v-neck, start experimenting with other neckline styles to see which ones fit you the best and make you feel and look absolutely fabulous!

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