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Peplums, oh how they are pleasing!!!

I know that peplums were one of the many trends for 2012 but I don’t think it was really emphasized fully for plus sized women. I think anytime you have a style that flatters curves on the majority of us full figured fashionistas; ( myself included) than to me it is a timeless fashion trend that never goes out of season. As you continue to read future posts in my blog you will see that I don’t follow trends. I can be somewhat of a fashion rebel basically I do my own thing! I wear what I love, I say what I feel, and because I am a free spirit I basically ride the wind when it comes to my life, fashion and anything else. It’s my blog and my life and it’s about what ever makes me happy!  Shout out:Thank you Rocquelle Blogger of “Consider me lovely” for helping me to really see that about myself. You have captured me and encouraged me more than you will ever know.

Peplums are the most universal and versatile style that was ever invented. From the Greek word, peplos, which refers to a long tunic dress women wore where the top draped into a skirt-like shape. Peplum, then as well as now , is as old as Alexander the Great, and has reappeared time and again in the wardrobes of women around the world.  I think that when Alber Elbaz,  said, “I created the peplum style so you can eat in it. You can have a dessert, you can have another sandwich.”   I see that he most definitely does understand how plus size woman or any woman feels about the practicality of clothing and fashion.

I created the peplum so you can eat in it. You can have a dessert, you can have another sandwich
-Alber Elbaz


Peplums come in all kinds of styles. There are various shapes and sizes, like frilly and flouncy or ruffled and stiff  dimensional ones. Some peplums are so small they’re barely noticeable, while others are the only thing that anyone will notice. No matter what, there is a peplum style that will look great on any size woman. The trick is to find the right type of peplum that draws attention to your most flattering spots and ends at just the right areas that  camouflages  the least flattering ones. You can find peplum skirts and peplum dresses just about everywhere, but peplum tops in particular can be tricky to pair up. Keep reading for different ways to style your peplum pieces.

If you have an hourglass-shaped body, peplums can further emphasize your, already ideal, proportions. blacklace peplum (hourglass)

* Make sure that the peplum portion of your top or dress is not too high. the peplum should be flaring away from your midsection creating a flattering look.*


If you have a top-heavy or inverted triangle then balance is is key when incorporating the peplum style.  When you wear a peplum you will be adding bulk to your lower half and that  will balance out your upper half and make you look like you have a waist, while hiding your tummy. inverted triangle lace peplum dress

If you have a heavy bottom and defined waist then you have a pear-shaped body like me. The right peplum dress will draw attention to your waist and camouflage your hips and butt.

Tadashi Shoji Lace Peplum Dress colorblocked peplumIf you use peplums with  combination  color blocking, you can make your proportions look even more balanced. Minimize your large bust or wide shoulders by wearing a darker color above the peplum and a lighter color underneath…..

Style&co. Plus Size Lace Peplum Top & Skinny Ankle-Zip Colored Jeans



Do the opposite if you have a large derrière.



Ashley Stewart Color Block Peplum Dress $27.99

This dress has nothing to do with nothing I just thought it was

cuuuuute!!!!! I love this dress! *Sobs* too bad it doesn’t come in plus size….

polkadot peplum jersey dress


These are my opinion that I feel will give the best look in the peplum style for the plus size woman. By no means am I any fashion chief of rule maker of fashion! These ideas were merely shared by me in hopes that someone would find some useful hints that will help them be as fashionable and fabulous as every woman wants to be. So take what you find helpful and explore any style possibility that you have, feel free to share if you like, but just remember when it comes to peplums….A good, well-proportioned peplum can make your waist look smaller and become the focal point. there is no reason you shouldn't own a peplum piece in your wardrobe.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment or a question!

Always stay absolutely fabulous!

Fit Tips & How To Wear It
Fit Tip for peplum dress- Make sure that the peplum  portion of the  dress is not too high. the peplum should be flaring away from your midsection creating a flattering look.

Fit Tip for peplum tops- Peplum Tops look best when worn with a curve skimming bottom. Skinny/straight leg jeans or a pencil skirt will give you a polished and  put together look.

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