Sunday, January 27, 2013

My corduroy creation

             Before                                                     After

Well I finally finished my skirt! and I am very pleased with it. I would like to thank everyone for giving me their fashion Ideas. I know that I said that I was going to put up a sketch of the ideas that I chose but I have been very busy getting ideas and outfits  ready for an upcoming fashion show and taking photos. I just didn’t have time. Then I was told that  I had to come up with an original look so  I had to figure out what type of look I was going for and decided on bold colors to bring out the orange. I added a purple shirt (Catos) But then I thought that everything just looked to plain. I then added a white and black polka dot belt (Rugged warehouse) to give the whole thing a bit of energy and to give a polished look and to also accentuate and add some excitement to  my waist. I must say I didn’t think I could pull it off but the more I looked at it the more it seemed to work. The aqua blue cardigan (Gap) really brightened up this look as well. My accessories were just a pair of purple pumps(Thank you to Michal T Kaplan owner of Hollywood Heels I love the way they fit!)
                                I then added a bronze and gold handbag  ( thrifted) Liz Claiborne)....

  a gold pair of dangling hoops...

 and a gold bracelet on the wrist.

* I also added a white topaz, diamond accented gold ring to add some sparkle to the whole ensemble. You can always add any ring to these colors to give more of an interesting look just remember to find your focal area and don't over do it.*

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dressing around your accessories or accessorizing around the way you are dressed

  Since starting my fashion blog I have been having a lot of conversations about accessories. And even though this blog is about plus sized fashion I think it is important to emphasizing on the “plus size” and to have an article about accessories in that aspect. I am curvaceously loaded and I love to share any and all ideas that will teach me and help me learn how to accentuate my curves and bring out the positive attributes that come with not only being the size that I am but to show the best qualities that make up my uniqueness. I think that the way we dress and whatever else we choose to wear not only makes a statement about our ideas on how we want the world to view us but I also think the right accessories highlights the key areas of ourselves we are trying to achieve with our fashion decisions. The main thing to always keep in my mind when finding the right accessories is that clothes are an important part of accessorizing, so it's best to make them as tasteful and stylish as possible. This way you want over do it when it comes to your accessories. Also the best thing to do when trying to put the finishing touches to your ensemble is to decide what your best areas are and accessorize from there. For example, my best area on my body is my neck. So I make sure that I wear small but eye catching necklaces that will draw the eye to that area but won’t overshadow it like it would if I wore a chunky necklace or huge dangling earrings. It’s ok to wear chunky necklaces or chunky or big and long dangling earrings because they add a pop of color and excitement to even the dullest colors in an outfit. Just remember to do either or…but not both. Now if you choose to wear a chunky necklace than wear the tiniest, most understated earrings possible like tiny rhinestone studs or pearls. Remember, not to do bracelets and rings at the same time, and don’t go overboard. Find one focal point and stay in that area. If your focal point is going to be your hands; for an interesting look just wear a few rings on each hand; but at the same time, just keep in mind that less is always best when it comes to accessorizing the upper face area because that’s the area that people pay the most attention too. Now let’s go to the area of interest to most of us curvalicious fashionistas! And that is the waist. The main essential I feel is the number one accessory that should be included in  any womans wardrobe is a variety of  belts.

    clip_image002Belts whether they be green or navy blue or red and orange striped, metal or elastic, belts are a cute way of accessorizing yourself while keeping your pants up.

woman with small belt
If the belt is too thin or small than it makes your waist appear bigger; and if that’s a problem area of your body it will also accentuate or give the illusion of a bulgy stomach.

my belts My belt of choice is elastic belts. I love elastic belts I think it’s one of the best things that was ever designed. Not only does it helps you to have correct posture which also makes you appear slimmer and have more of a polished look but and it can also throw your look completely off if your elastic belt is not fitting properly. Elastic belts should not flip up every time you sit or stand if it does than the you need to go up a belt size. If it’s too wide it makes your waist disappear because it hides your curves under the belt and accentuates your stomach. Now don’t get me wrong. A wide belt between the stomach and the bust;  is a great fashion idea - if you want people to notice that you're pregnant! I was asked is it important to know your body type or what category your body type falls in when it comes to accessories. And I think it's important but as far as your body type every woman's knows there body and what they like to adorn themselves with and everyone is uniquely designed you just have to work with what you have and be the best at it and remember to stay absolutely fabulous!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Outfit of the Day

The first thing I would like to share is I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding on my timing. LOL! I have never done a fashion blog and its not as easy as writing a poem or editing a book. I do things on a whim and I am very progressive when I work that way but for some reason this seems to be a challenge because I am always doing the interviewing and asking the questions not the other way around. So that being said these are my thoughts my interests and my ideas about fashion. And I appreciate each one of you who decides to be a part of it. I hope you like it! and feel free to email me any questions or leave a comment about anything of interest whether it be about fashion or just to say hello. thanks everyone! 
I was kind of in a hurry and needed to get something together to wear for the day. I haven’t bought anything new and I wanted something that I could wear and still be comfortable at the same time. So I decided to grab the first thing I saw and go from there. I didn’t wear a lot of makeup but I will also share what types I like to wear.
As you can see  I paired a black and flowered lace- print short sleeve shirt ( purchased at Van Heusen $7.00) and I layered it with something  red like the open front  cute and classy shrug (purchased at Van Heusen $12.00) to add a little color. I love Van Heusen because  not only are the clothes very affordable they always have the most classiest and versatile clothing that can be turned into multiple outfits at any hour of the day or week. That is great for those of us who need to be ready at a moments notice. Moving down; I decided on a tan A-lined skirt (by Sag Harbor from Kohl’s $15.00) to further define the waist area and  to give me the ease and comfort to match the kind of day I was going into. (Yes! I am a firm believer that your day is what you make it.) I then added a black belt to add emphasis  to the waist area. The cut and the look of a skirt is very important for plus sized models. Not only does it determine the WAY you look it also tells other people howYOU FEEL about the way you look.  This look is very universal you can use any type of color coordination to your own liking. I wore a pair of red sling backs(BCBG) of course because my primary choice of color was red. Also if you are going to be walking a lot you don’t have to wear a pair of heels because that may not be wise if you have back problems or you can’t wear heels for long periods of time. What I suggest is to wear a pair of flats (Franco Sarto) like the ones shown that are also your primary color of  your choice. The bag is a pale yellow bag by (Fossil).
  red flats
Now its time for the makeup.  I love experimenting and trying to find which ones work and which ones would be better for someone else. I have my personal favorites and I also have some that I use to get a certain result and look. I love Marykay skincare  products and makeup. Their cleaning products work really well on my skin and it always has an even tone and soft feel. I only use the (Marykay microdermabrasion kit $55) once a week to smooth out my skin and clean my pores. This is very important if you want a soft natural look when you decide to wear makeup or none at all. It also keeps oily skin under control. You should also have a  face cleanser that you use  to wash your face daily  to keep your skin looking radiant and not dulled out. Part of looking fabulous is not to exclude being and living healthy and that includes taking proper care of your skin. My favorite daily wash is  (Organic Apricot Scrub by Hollywood Beauty $7.00 for a 10.5oz container.) I love this stuff! not only does it gently remove dry skin and blackheads, this is also my secret to even toned and silky smooth and soft skin! so here it is for those of you who asked! LOL! Now I do drink a lot of water and I do exercise to keep my blood circulating not to toot my own horn…..Hey I’m just saying something that all of us should be doing anyway. Moving on, Afterwards I use (Spectrum Expelled pressed organic coconut oil $6.00) to moisturize my skin. This is also my ultimate secret to great looking skin. It is also a great moisturizer and conditioner for hair which I also use on my lovely locks…LOL! The only thing to remember is when you are using it as a skin moisturizer you have to be careful on how much you use because a little goes a long way! You can’t  be cute while looking like you have been eating fried chicken and used your face as a napkin! My advice is to dip a CLEAN finger in the jar and rub (4 pea-sized if solid or 4 swipes if melted) dots on your face and rub into the skin in a gentle circular motion making sure to evenly distribute onto the entire face. 
My makeup of choice is just to use a concealer(MaryKay $10.00) so if there are a few marks that need to be hidden or the skin underneath the eyes just need to be touched up.  Afterwards I just brush on some of the ( MaryKay sheer mineral pressed powder $16.00).On my eyes I use the 24hr wear and waterproof (Luxury eyeliner by Kiss $4.00 color is blackest black). To finish up the eyes I used (Black Radiance mascara $5.00 color is black). For my lips I just use a simple lip gloss with a light tint to put a little color onto them.
My jewelry of choice was and always is to accentuate what I am wearing.I don’t wear lots of clunky bangles and huge clunky earrings nor do I have anything against it. I love the bold colors and I think it is very important to add accessories to what you are wearing. Some women are very good at  matching what they wear with the types of earrings and bangles that they have. I just don’t have the desire for that type of styling. Nor do I own any. I chose to wear something simple but quietly classy with a hint of boldness. The jewelry is by a designer by the name of Fraydee. You can visit her website: I love independent designer jewelry because they all have a story to tell and each piece is unique in itself.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo of the week!!!

I was sitting in front of my computer having my usual cup of coffee and checking my emails when one particular one stood out so I opened it and this is what I found!

Hello Latresa,

Thank you so much for contributing to the Nap Photo of the Week! You can find your post at Thank you for showcasing your beautiful style.


Ariane Roberts
CEO & Editor
So of course I am ecstatic and I don't know what to say!!! I was featured as the photo of the week in this magazine.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The right hairstyles for the right face shape

I recently went out with some of my friends for dinner just to unwind and relax. I had a wonderful time with these ladies! And as we were sitting at the bar waiting to be seated, I started thinking about fashion again (as I always do...) And one of the things I noticed as I was sitting at the bar  is the different hairstyles that the women coming and going in this particular restaurant were wearing. There were so many different hairstyles some were very complimentary to the ensembles the women were wearing and some looked flat and oily,like a bees nest,and some looked big and poofy and not so complimentary at all. That's when I started to ponder about what thoughts were going in there heads when they decided to style their hair before actually leaving the house. In this instance, the atmosphere was more of a casual one, so most of the women here seemed to have chosen  hairstyles which  were more relaxed and casual, and easy to maintain. So the question that I am always asked remains still unanswered... Is there a universal hairstyle that any woman can wear with any outfit and never go wrong???? So when I got home I decided to look at some pictures of hairstyles I have had over the years and try to figure out why I decided to style my hair those different ways; even though hairstyling was not an easy thing for me. I then researched the Internet to see if choosing hairstyles had to do with the size and shape of the woman and the image she wanted to portray and there were no real concrete answers there either. It was then I looked at myself in the mirror  and  the conclusion I came up with was.... wait for it......THERE ISN'T ONE!!!!Each person is different, and choosing the right hairstyles to fit them will depend on the person's face shape, hair texture, and the occasion! The right hairstyles can accentuate your best facial features while downplaying any flaws, as well as  redefining the way you look. However, there are some things to consider when choosing that best hairstyle for your face. First thing you need to be aware of is the true shape of your face. All people have one of  7 face shapes: round, square, rectangle, long (or "oblong"), heart, diamond or oval. I am going to show you how to measure your face to determine the true shape of your face; or at least get close to your natural face shape. And if you find that you may be classified into one or more  facial shapes than that's an even better way for you to explore new hairstyles and find the ones that will compliment anything you decide to wear for any occasion!  I learned to do this at a makeup bar that I attended a few years back and it has always been the way that I determine any one's facial shape. Its like weight watchers and their point's system to me. I have done it for so long that I know it by heart! LOL. OK...OK seriously,  look in a big mirror and examine the bone structure and curves that make up your face.
you'll need a ruler or a tape measure. Here we go, just be sure to write down the measurements for each step:
  • We'll start with the forehead. Measure across your forehead at the widest point.
  • Move on to the cheeks. Measure the widest length across your cheekbones.
  • Now on to the jaw. Measure your jawline at its widest point.
  • Finally, we'll measure the length of your face. Put the ruler just under the eyes and imagine there is a line there and measure from ear to ear (stopping at where the ear begins). Then place the ruler at the top of your forehead at your hairline and measure to your chin using the imaginary line there also. Your ratio will either be 1 (your width) to 1 1/2 (your length) or 1 to 1 or 1 to 2.
  • If you are one who isn't good at measuring yourself  and there is no one available to do it for you. Another way to determine these measurements  is to  have a photo of your face taken and use the measurements on the photo. You could also use an old tube of lipstick and while you are staring at your beautiful self in the big mirror that I forgot to tell you you needed... you  could trace an outline of you face (with the hair pulled back and out of  the way!) This will measure only what is seen looking forward and will also provide the facial measurements you need just by using the ruler or a tape measure.
Now that you have your facial measurements its time to determine your facial shape. Here is the characteristic guide I used. I also added the types of hairstyles that I felt would be best suited for the different facial shapes.

female round face shape

                long-hairstyle-for-round-face-shape-good-01.jpg - A Good Long  Length Hairstyle For A Round Face Shape
                   short-hairstyle-round-face-shape-good-02.jpg - A Good Short Hairstyle For A Round Face Shape                                                    
  • Your face is almost as wide as it is long
  • Your jaw-line is round and full
  • Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and round
  • Your hairline is most probably round 
  •  You'll want to make your face appear longer and leaner and less round. Try styles that fall just below the chin like the long bob hairstyle. Also soft, emphasized layers  are great because they make your face appear slimmer and tend to remove  the look of fullness from the sides. Consider wispy and tapered styles.  The "wispy-ness" takes emphasis off the roundness of your face.
    When it comes to bangs, keep them long or side-swept. Avoid the very straight or very curly hair as it can accentuate the roundness. And never let the ends of the hair rest  directly onto your cheeks  as it adds more emphasis on your round face. If you have bangs let it slightly drape past your cheekbones.
female square face shape
  • Your face is almost as wide as it is long
  • Your jaw is broad and your jaw-line is square
  • The sides of your face are straight -- your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are the same width
  • Your hairline is most probably straight
  •  Texture, in the form of curls or choppy ends, does this brilliantly. You can also get away with short, spiky cuts and long, sleek styles with layers that start at the jawline and continue downward.
  •  Avoid one-length bob hairstyles (especially chin-length) and wide, plain bangs. These will only accentuate your angular features rather than soften them.
 Inverted        Heart
female inverted triangle face shapeheart shape faceHeart face shape short hairstyleHeart face shape medium hairstyle


The only difference between the inverted triangle and the heart shaped faces are that the heart has a widows peak. They basically are the same.
  • Your face is slightly longer than wide
  • Your jaw-line is long and pointed
  • The sides of your face taper from your forehead to your jaw
  • Your forehead is the widest part of your face, or the same width as your cheekbones
  • Your jaw is the narrowest part of your face
  • Short hair tends to look great on heart-shaped faces, as well as chin-length bobs just avoid bob styles that are above chin level. This draws the attention away from eyes and emphasizes the chin. Steer clear from short, blunt-cut bangs and and the wild, choppy layered look.
  • Side-swept or wispy bangs look fabulous with long, wavy hair, shoulder-length modified bobs and even pixie cuts.

female triangle face shape                
           Triangular face shape short hairstyle      Triangular face shape long hairstyle


  • Your face is slightly longer than wide
  • Your jaw is broad
  • The side of your face tapers from your jaw to your forehead
  • Your jaw is the widest part of your face and your forehead is narrow
  •  Your face looks best with short hair that shows off the forehead and cheekbones, while  taking the attention away from the chin. Asymmetrical layered look is also a great choice. Also the soft layered look helps  to balance out a strong jaw and chin.
  • Avoid  Bobs and other angled styles that end at the chin. They place emphasize  toward the chin area.
female diamond face shape                         
                               Diamond face shape short hairstyleDiamond face shape medium hairstyle


  • Your face is slightly longer than wide
  • Your jaw-line is long and pointed
  • Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. They are often high and pointed
  • Your forehead and jaw-line are tapered
  • Your eyes, nose and mouth are well balanced vertically 
  •  The classic Bob style with a little volume at the bottom is always a great choice, or a layered look with flipped-out ends is also a ideal choice. 
female oval face shape
                                   Oval face shape long hairstyleOval face shape medium hairstyleOval face shape short hairstyle      


  • Your face is slightly longer than wide
  • Your jaw-line is slightly rounded
  • The outline of your face is an inverted egg-shape -- your face is widest at the cheekbones. Your forehead is fairly broad (broader than you jaw)
  • Your face can be divided into 3 equal horizontal sections between the hairline, eyebrows, end of nose and chin
  • Your eyes are evenly spaced, with one eye width distance between them
  • Your face has no extreme characteristics. For example you do not have very small or very large eyes, mouth or nose.
  • Considered to be the ideal facial shape  because it's easier to style than the other face shapes. An oval can get away with almost any hairstyle  because of the balanced proportions.
  • Pay close attention to your facial features when choosing styles.  You may have a more tense or delicate look and this needs to be considered as not to draw the eye on one area on the face more than it needs to. Styles that keep everything in balance include tousled shoulder length styles that bring everything into proportion like it already is without emphasizing any one feature more than most. Classic bob with a side part and Pixie styles which shows off  the cuteness of the oval face! I have an oval face by the way....LOL!
female oblong face shape
                        Oblong face shape short hairstyleOblong face shape long hairstyle



  • Your face is definitely longer than wide
  • Your jaw-line is softly rounded
  • The sides of your face are straight -- your forehead, cheekbones and jaw-line are the same width
  • Your hairline may be rounded
  •  Too much height on top and super long hair should be avoided.Your face shape is long and needs to be shortened. Long hair can work for you but you need to work a lot on styling it in a way that makes it look voluminous on the sides of your cheekbones to give more of  an illusion of a "full cheeky" look. "Chin-length bobs" are ideal because they create the "cheeky look" (as I like to call it)  or illusion to the make the cheeks and face appear fuller. Just make sure your stylist cuts the hair shorter or even tapered in the back so it doesn't look plain! curls and waves would work as well because again the focus is to add width and fullness to the face.
female rectangle face shape


          assymetrical black bob hairstyle  
  • Your face is definitely longer than wide
  • Your jaw is broad and your jaw-line is square
  • The sides of your face are straight -- your forehead, cheekbones and jaw-line are the same width
  • Your hairline is most likely straight
  • layers and asymmetrical cuts help soften the tense look and  draws the eye away from the chin and jaw-line.
    You should also avoid blunt haircuts, such as straight bangs and chin-length bobs as they make your face look tense and emphasize your jawline. If you decide on getting bangs make sure they are hitting just below the eyebrows and end longer at the sides of your face.  Side-swept bangs compliment your face shape a lot better than straight bangs. Other styles that look good are wavy bobs, super straight and long  or long and wavy styles.Keep in mind if your hair is super long, or you have super long extensions either way that's fine as long as it  sits close to the sides of your face. 

 The face shape images are from in the article Haircuts and Face shapes! by Tania Sabnam

The locations for the hairstyles came from the following websites:
Square: short style Image came from
                curly style image came from
Inverted Triangle/Heart: style  image from the
Triangle: style images from the
Diamond: style images are from  
Oval:  First three oval styles are images are from
             short wavy oval style image  from
Oblong:  Images are from
Rectangle: shoulder-length curly style Image from
                  assyetrical and long curly style Images from beauty-and-the





Friday, January 4, 2013

I am still creating…

I am working daily on my outfits and fashion ideas for this blog but I think I have come to a block in the fashion road because I have all these ideas but I have no way to organize them! I hate it when this happens! So while I was taking a break from my" fashion mental block" I recently found this orange
SAM_0603corduroy A-line skirt barely hanging in the back of my crowded closet, that I made some years back. (This must have been a very trying time in fashion for me! LOL!) Now I got a great deal on this fabric when I made this. And I must have seen some future fashion potential in it for it to be still in my wardrobe, but if you are one who likes to go to thrift stores and find items that you can either wear or turn into something else that is more of your style just remember that  there are styles from every era that can look great on  plus sizes body types.The best tip for finding thrift clothing that fits well is to try everything on, and if that is not possible, measure yourself and know your own measurements. This is the best way to get a flattering fit regardless of you size or body shape. Knowing your measurements will also make it easier to buy thrift or vintage clothing and be assured that they will actually fit. For example, I am more of a pear shaped and A-lined skirts can be very flattering on pear shapes, When I am making or buying skirts I  always pay attention to the  the length and fabric type. I try to avoid heavy fabrics and lengths that fall between the calf and knee which shorten and will exaggerate my bottom half. A line cuts not only emphasize the waist but looks great on all  plus sized figures.  Just be mindful of bulky fabrics like wool, tweed, and corduroy. Make sure that the cut of the skirt in these fabrics will flow with your shape.  another tip for plus sized vintage or thrift clothing shoppers is to look for labels with a 1/2 size. Half sizing is how plus sizes were originally labeled.)  This being said,  I love the feel of corderoy and I love this color! but this skirt is very plain so I decided to revamp it and turn it into something more fashionable. I knew this would be a challenge but I never back down from a challenge! LOL! I just hope what I am visualizing in my mind will look half as fabulous as it will on
me……stay tuned! and remember to stay absolutely fabulous!