Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Outfit of the Day

The first thing I would like to share is I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding on my timing. LOL! I have never done a fashion blog and its not as easy as writing a poem or editing a book. I do things on a whim and I am very progressive when I work that way but for some reason this seems to be a challenge because I am always doing the interviewing and asking the questions not the other way around. So that being said these are my thoughts my interests and my ideas about fashion. And I appreciate each one of you who decides to be a part of it. I hope you like it! and feel free to email me any questions or leave a comment about anything of interest whether it be about fashion or just to say hello. thanks everyone! 
I was kind of in a hurry and needed to get something together to wear for the day. I haven’t bought anything new and I wanted something that I could wear and still be comfortable at the same time. So I decided to grab the first thing I saw and go from there. I didn’t wear a lot of makeup but I will also share what types I like to wear.
As you can see  I paired a black and flowered lace- print short sleeve shirt ( purchased at Van Heusen $7.00) and I layered it with something  red like the open front  cute and classy shrug (purchased at Van Heusen $12.00) to add a little color. I love Van Heusen because  not only are the clothes very affordable they always have the most classiest and versatile clothing that can be turned into multiple outfits at any hour of the day or week. That is great for those of us who need to be ready at a moments notice. Moving down; I decided on a tan A-lined skirt (by Sag Harbor from Kohl’s $15.00) to further define the waist area and  to give me the ease and comfort to match the kind of day I was going into. (Yes! I am a firm believer that your day is what you make it.) I then added a black belt to add emphasis  to the waist area. The cut and the look of a skirt is very important for plus sized models. Not only does it determine the WAY you look it also tells other people howYOU FEEL about the way you look.  This look is very universal you can use any type of color coordination to your own liking. I wore a pair of red sling backs(BCBG) of course because my primary choice of color was red. Also if you are going to be walking a lot you don’t have to wear a pair of heels because that may not be wise if you have back problems or you can’t wear heels for long periods of time. What I suggest is to wear a pair of flats (Franco Sarto) like the ones shown that are also your primary color of  your choice. The bag is a pale yellow bag by (Fossil).
  red flats
Now its time for the makeup.  I love experimenting and trying to find which ones work and which ones would be better for someone else. I have my personal favorites and I also have some that I use to get a certain result and look. I love Marykay skincare  products and makeup. Their cleaning products work really well on my skin and it always has an even tone and soft feel. I only use the (Marykay microdermabrasion kit $55) once a week to smooth out my skin and clean my pores. This is very important if you want a soft natural look when you decide to wear makeup or none at all. It also keeps oily skin under control. You should also have a  face cleanser that you use  to wash your face daily  to keep your skin looking radiant and not dulled out. Part of looking fabulous is not to exclude being and living healthy and that includes taking proper care of your skin. My favorite daily wash is  (Organic Apricot Scrub by Hollywood Beauty $7.00 for a 10.5oz container.) I love this stuff! not only does it gently remove dry skin and blackheads, this is also my secret to even toned and silky smooth and soft skin! so here it is for those of you who asked! LOL! Now I do drink a lot of water and I do exercise to keep my blood circulating not to toot my own horn…..Hey I’m just saying something that all of us should be doing anyway. Moving on, Afterwards I use (Spectrum Expelled pressed organic coconut oil $6.00) to moisturize my skin. This is also my ultimate secret to great looking skin. It is also a great moisturizer and conditioner for hair which I also use on my lovely locks…LOL! The only thing to remember is when you are using it as a skin moisturizer you have to be careful on how much you use because a little goes a long way! You can’t  be cute while looking like you have been eating fried chicken and used your face as a napkin! My advice is to dip a CLEAN finger in the jar and rub (4 pea-sized if solid or 4 swipes if melted) dots on your face and rub into the skin in a gentle circular motion making sure to evenly distribute onto the entire face. 
My makeup of choice is just to use a concealer(MaryKay $10.00) so if there are a few marks that need to be hidden or the skin underneath the eyes just need to be touched up.  Afterwards I just brush on some of the ( MaryKay sheer mineral pressed powder $16.00).On my eyes I use the 24hr wear and waterproof (Luxury eyeliner by Kiss $4.00 color is blackest black). To finish up the eyes I used (Black Radiance mascara $5.00 color is black). For my lips I just use a simple lip gloss with a light tint to put a little color onto them.
My jewelry of choice was and always is to accentuate what I am wearing.I don’t wear lots of clunky bangles and huge clunky earrings nor do I have anything against it. I love the bold colors and I think it is very important to add accessories to what you are wearing. Some women are very good at  matching what they wear with the types of earrings and bangles that they have. I just don’t have the desire for that type of styling. Nor do I own any. I chose to wear something simple but quietly classy with a hint of boldness. The jewelry is by a designer by the name of Fraydee. You can visit her website: I love independent designer jewelry because they all have a story to tell and each piece is unique in itself.

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