Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Outlook of the day: Encouragement

Besides the economy body size and fashion seems to be the most discussed topics in the world today. I love to be in the know when it comes to fashion and if I happen to hear anything about body image I'm all ears too.I am always looking for new ideas to share,especially in the form of blogs. I see a lot of women who have learned to embrace themselves but in a negative way that will get the attention off the flaws and imperfections of their bodies that they feel somehow don't fit in the strict categories that have been set by the fashion industry. I was one of those women. I always thought that negative attention was the best attention when it came to my image because that is how I was self taught and forced to view myself. I was always told, "you have such a beautiful face and flawless skin..." I never heard anything else. If you were big than you were considered fat but if you showed more skin on your body it made no difference if you were big or small because there were the female variances in view and that was the main display. For years I would never look at myself in the mirror no more than to brush my teeth and do my hair. I don't know where I had learned to think so negatively of myself, but it wasn't from my family. My mom taught me how to love myself and my grandmother encouraged me even more in that sense. Growing up, I think that it may have been the ideas of others that influenced my self image of me because of their own stinkin' thinkin' of themselves. I haven't been posting anything because I am at a place where I feel nothing I post is of any significance until I get over this hump I sometimes feel about myself. I am just at that level of wanting to give up and go back to my poetry That way I can hide behind what I really feel but in an artistic way without putting myself and my emotions on display. I know that I just started this blog a month ago and I know that it takes time to get things together like I want too,but frustration can sneak in and stay a while if you let it.Something I am trying very hard not to let happen. I love what I do and I love doing photo shoots and fashion shows but somewhere in there I think I have forgotten how to truly love me while not worrying about what anyone else thinks and be the absolute best at being me on my blog like I set out to do . So I decided to take time out today to look at other fashion blogs and to see what makes these blogs so unique but in the same sense of fashion as all the others.That still didn't do it for me, I wanted to know what makes some blogs stand out more than others and now I am convinced that some blogs have given the true meaning of the word "blog" that's why they are so popular. so I looked up the definition of blog and this is the official definition here: blog /blôg/ A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis. So that being said it doesn't matter what anyone maybe thinking about me and my ideas whether it be fashion, exercising,running, or my size. It is my blog and its all about me. I just choose to tastefully share anything that may be of some use to any woman no matter the size, color or shape that may inspire and encourage in a positive way. You want see me half naked showing things that I wouldn't want my daughter to see or my sons for that matter, just to get followers or likes. I have the control to start or stop anything when it comes to my blog and my life. I know that starting anything new can be a bit of a challenge and sometimes you are in it alone but the hardest part is over and that was just to get up and do it! I was always aquiring the help of others to journey with me when it came to any new venture in my life and when it didn't work out like I wanted I always had someone to blame. The same result was in the end of anything I started I was always left with an incomplete wondering of what would have happened if I had finished and saw it through even through the bad times when I had no one but me left. This is one of those times and this is also the first time that I am not going to give up! I have always wanted to be an inspiration and an encouragement to women not just by my fashion choices or the clothes I wear but also with my informative posts, and this is the time for me to do it. There are too many women who don't know enough about self motivation and self image when it comes to themselves and their size. We have to learn to be lovers of our own well being. I just felt like fashion was an added bonus. If I have to be the only one to encourage myself I will. Hopefully I will be an inspiration to other plus size women with my blog. Sometimes we have to ride alone until we find our place in this world, and if you see me on the same road don't hesitate to stop and talk I love company and I love making new friends in all walks of life. Thank you for reading and if you have any encouraging words that you would like to share I would love to read them! Feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Love this! The most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves. I'm working on strengthening mine, myself. xox.

  2. Thank you for reading and thank you for your encouraging words.