Monday, December 24, 2012

plus sized clothing industry

Christmas is actually here and I can't believe how fast the year has gone by! Now I am not one to make  new years resolutions but I do want to be a better  healthier me and I always strive to be more fabulous than the year before! LOL. Which brings me to a question that I am constantly being asked  and that is why doesn't plus sized clothing  fit as well as regular size clothing? Its all about the fashion trends and what will sell!
According to recent data, retailers who do not adhere to the needs of the plus-size customer will miss out on a formidable chunk of market profits. The average dress size has increased since 1960, from size 8 to 14, creating a market for larger clothing and underwear that equals roughly $19.4 billion, or 18 percent of the $108 billion women's clothing market, according to statistics from the market research firm NPD Group Inc.
"We have outgrown the traditional definition of plus-size, old-(looking) muumuus and loose-fitting clothes," said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst NPD Group.... I believe that we will see a huge change for the better for plus sized clothing. The fact that the plus sized clothing industry and the demand is growing and will continue to grow.I have a link at the bottom if anyone wants to read more about the information that I used in my article. I know some of you feel that the clothes that are offered are just too pricey or "we are not all just plus sized we have different measurements." This is so true and this also leaves two options for us all because once again being plus sized does have options as well!LOL. We can 1. buy the clothes and find a tailor to alter the clothes for us or  2. Learn to sew and Make our own! I know that last one is doosy for some but hey its an option! And while I am a seamstress and I can sew I don't expect anyone to do anything that is just not their thing. I will however let everyone know that I do plan on designing again and this time it will be  either clothing that I already have and  will revamp or it will be my own design. So I guess I kind of set a plan in motion for this new year without even saying it. LOL.

The potential market is worth chasing because the average American woman is a size 14, and plus-sizes, often classified as 14 to 34, account for 67 percent of the population, according to Houston-based Plunkett Research.

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