Monday, January 21, 2013

Dressing around your accessories or accessorizing around the way you are dressed

  Since starting my fashion blog I have been having a lot of conversations about accessories. And even though this blog is about plus sized fashion I think it is important to emphasizing on the “plus size” and to have an article about accessories in that aspect. I am curvaceously loaded and I love to share any and all ideas that will teach me and help me learn how to accentuate my curves and bring out the positive attributes that come with not only being the size that I am but to show the best qualities that make up my uniqueness. I think that the way we dress and whatever else we choose to wear not only makes a statement about our ideas on how we want the world to view us but I also think the right accessories highlights the key areas of ourselves we are trying to achieve with our fashion decisions. The main thing to always keep in my mind when finding the right accessories is that clothes are an important part of accessorizing, so it's best to make them as tasteful and stylish as possible. This way you want over do it when it comes to your accessories. Also the best thing to do when trying to put the finishing touches to your ensemble is to decide what your best areas are and accessorize from there. For example, my best area on my body is my neck. So I make sure that I wear small but eye catching necklaces that will draw the eye to that area but won’t overshadow it like it would if I wore a chunky necklace or huge dangling earrings. It’s ok to wear chunky necklaces or chunky or big and long dangling earrings because they add a pop of color and excitement to even the dullest colors in an outfit. Just remember to do either or…but not both. Now if you choose to wear a chunky necklace than wear the tiniest, most understated earrings possible like tiny rhinestone studs or pearls. Remember, not to do bracelets and rings at the same time, and don’t go overboard. Find one focal point and stay in that area. If your focal point is going to be your hands; for an interesting look just wear a few rings on each hand; but at the same time, just keep in mind that less is always best when it comes to accessorizing the upper face area because that’s the area that people pay the most attention too. Now let’s go to the area of interest to most of us curvalicious fashionistas! And that is the waist. The main essential I feel is the number one accessory that should be included in  any womans wardrobe is a variety of  belts.

    clip_image002Belts whether they be green or navy blue or red and orange striped, metal or elastic, belts are a cute way of accessorizing yourself while keeping your pants up.

woman with small belt
If the belt is too thin or small than it makes your waist appear bigger; and if that’s a problem area of your body it will also accentuate or give the illusion of a bulgy stomach.

my belts My belt of choice is elastic belts. I love elastic belts I think it’s one of the best things that was ever designed. Not only does it helps you to have correct posture which also makes you appear slimmer and have more of a polished look but and it can also throw your look completely off if your elastic belt is not fitting properly. Elastic belts should not flip up every time you sit or stand if it does than the you need to go up a belt size. If it’s too wide it makes your waist disappear because it hides your curves under the belt and accentuates your stomach. Now don’t get me wrong. A wide belt between the stomach and the bust;  is a great fashion idea - if you want people to notice that you're pregnant! I was asked is it important to know your body type or what category your body type falls in when it comes to accessories. And I think it's important but as far as your body type every woman's knows there body and what they like to adorn themselves with and everyone is uniquely designed you just have to work with what you have and be the best at it and remember to stay absolutely fabulous!

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