Saturday, December 22, 2012

To eat or how not to eat? That is the question! and it's a choice

Me thinking
As I was sitting here lamenting the Christmas holiday and the new year that is about to evolve. It dawned on me that I needed something to discuss in this new found blog that I woke up and just decided to start. Well 8 hours later I still haven't found anything until I laid in my bed again and got back up with the idea of blogging about the first thing that popped in my mind. So here goes. Since we are in a super sized category and whenever it comes to holidays there is always the thought of how much we are going to eat at the office shin dig or will we eat any refreshments at the small gathering at a friends home we were asked to go to? I always wonder if I am going to be the biggest one there and if so will people look at me as if I may eat more than I should considering the size that I am?  I think  that eating is fine as long as its in moderation. The reason being is because it's good to map out whats going to be in the "big spread" once you get there. Just because there is a variety of those gourmet cookies you like doesn't mean you have to try each one on the platter.I also always consider what I will be wearing and how I think its going to look once I get there and start filling up on sausage balls or the macadamia nut fudge or any other type of fudge or food  that these festivities are known to have not to mention how I want to be perceived once I walk through the door and mingle before heading towards the food. I always eat a little snack before I go to any event where food is going to be served. That way I want be hungrier than usual and I want seem like the party pig inhaling everything in sight. I try not to eat anything filling this leaves room for me to casually nibble and I never eat anything before any social gathering that will cause me to feel bloated or gassy.
 Let's face it there is nothing cute about a plus size woman or any woman; letting one rip in a silent but deadly way that automatically draws more attention to herself. And ladies if you are going to be wearing a girdle which I know you are  (which is another topic all in itself) you definitely do not need to drink anything with carbonated water in it. because  we all know that women tend to swallow air when we get nervous or anxious. That is a gas bomb waiting to explode! The main thing is to nibble and mingle don't go there to get your belly so full that all you want to do is sit down with your legs open and pat your belly. That's fine if you want to do it at home but not in public! (trust me I have seen this done before, one of the plus sized models in a fashion show I was in was just about to get on the runway and stuffed herself till she couldn't eat anymore and she made the red fitted dress look like a tomato ready to pop! This was  from all the salty chips and fried foods she was stuffing herself with. And we want even go there with the gas! That's not the name or the look you want to be associated with. You know how its been said that, just because its made in your size does not mean you should wear it? well the same applies to food. Just because there is a lot of food doesn't mean you should try to eat all of it. You came there looking fabulous and fierce and just because you are plus sized doesn't mean you have to hide behind the bowl of chips. .Remember, you are there to have fun  and feel confident and look fabulous not look and act like you are a wild boar scavenging for your next meal.

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