Friday, April 12, 2013

!!!!!my golden moment of the week!!!!!

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful GOLDEN week like I have! I have been a busy lady but that’s alright because I have tons of energy thanks to exercising and yoga. I wanted to share a little bit about what made my week so golden. I love to bake and I have been working on  cookie and pastry recipes for years because I am planning to open up a coffee shop. Its been a dream of mine for some time and I figured since I am almost close to accomplishing my dream why not test out more of my recipes just to make sure I still have the perfect ones. Well needless to say they are still a hit! and even though I worked on tweeking old recipes and perfecting  new ones. I somehow  found the time to make a brief video of one of my favorite things to bake. And since this months color is gold I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share with you all. So feel free to use it, share it or make it your own.  I know my grandmother would be proud to see me remembering one of her recipes. If she were here I would call her up just to say, “ see granny Callie I was paying attention!” What were some of your golden moments this week? Please feel free to leave a comment or if you have a favorite recipe you would love to share please by all means share!LOL! Have a good weekend everyone!!! ENJOY!!!

This is a brief video of how I make my families favorite scones

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