Friday, January 4, 2013

I am still creating…

I am working daily on my outfits and fashion ideas for this blog but I think I have come to a block in the fashion road because I have all these ideas but I have no way to organize them! I hate it when this happens! So while I was taking a break from my" fashion mental block" I recently found this orange
SAM_0603corduroy A-line skirt barely hanging in the back of my crowded closet, that I made some years back. (This must have been a very trying time in fashion for me! LOL!) Now I got a great deal on this fabric when I made this. And I must have seen some future fashion potential in it for it to be still in my wardrobe, but if you are one who likes to go to thrift stores and find items that you can either wear or turn into something else that is more of your style just remember that  there are styles from every era that can look great on  plus sizes body types.The best tip for finding thrift clothing that fits well is to try everything on, and if that is not possible, measure yourself and know your own measurements. This is the best way to get a flattering fit regardless of you size or body shape. Knowing your measurements will also make it easier to buy thrift or vintage clothing and be assured that they will actually fit. For example, I am more of a pear shaped and A-lined skirts can be very flattering on pear shapes, When I am making or buying skirts I  always pay attention to the  the length and fabric type. I try to avoid heavy fabrics and lengths that fall between the calf and knee which shorten and will exaggerate my bottom half. A line cuts not only emphasize the waist but looks great on all  plus sized figures.  Just be mindful of bulky fabrics like wool, tweed, and corduroy. Make sure that the cut of the skirt in these fabrics will flow with your shape.  another tip for plus sized vintage or thrift clothing shoppers is to look for labels with a 1/2 size. Half sizing is how plus sizes were originally labeled.)  This being said,  I love the feel of corderoy and I love this color! but this skirt is very plain so I decided to revamp it and turn it into something more fashionable. I knew this would be a challenge but I never back down from a challenge! LOL! I just hope what I am visualizing in my mind will look half as fabulous as it will on
me……stay tuned! and remember to stay absolutely fabulous!

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